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Learn by Building Projects

Use our projects to build up skills or bootstrap your next project. You get step by instructions and all the code needed.
Cloud Projects
Including networking, serverless, AI and more.
AI Projects
Projects from OpenAI, Amazon Bedrock and more.
Hands-on Assistance
Use the Skillmix IDE for better learning.
Code Included
Get all the code needed to run the project.

Streamlined Learning Experience.

The Skillmix IDE combines everything you need to build technical skill. It includes a coding environment, lab management, and course instructions, so you can focus on learning instead of setting up environments.

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Code Editor.
Our IDE includes a code editor that you can use to build apps and projects with.
Dedicated Dev Container.
You’ll get a dedicated container on the lab AWS account that you can use to deploy systems with.
Terminal Access.
Get access to your container to perform CLI operations.

Become an expert

Gain Real World Experience

Get experience working on projects and architectures that can be deployed into production environments. We do this by giving you access to real AWS accounts for training and practice.

Real accounts.
Get temporary access to real AWS accounts to build skills with.
Console Access.
Get full access to the AWS console so you can practice on the UI.
Programmatic Access.
Use the access and secret keys to build systems with Infra-as-Code tools like Terraform.
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How you'll benefit

6 Reasons You'll Love Skillmix

Here are six awesome reasons to use Skillmix.

Learn In-Demand Skills

Hone your proficiency in cloud computing and AI technologies, two of the most sought-after skills in today's digital world, with our diverse range of projects and comprehensive learning resources.

Prepare for AWS Certifications

Equip yourself with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to ace your AWS certification exams, paving your path towards a successful cloud computing career.

Kickstart Your Next Cloud Project

Utilize our extensive code library as a springboard to expedite the launch of your next cloud project, reducing time spent on boilerplate code and focusing more on customization and innovation.

Protect Your Credit Card

By leveraging our AWS accounts for your learning needs, you're able to immerse yourself in hands-on projects without incurring unexpected charges or compromising your personal financial information.

Create a Cloud Portfolio

Transform your learning journey into tangible proof of your abilities by developing a robust cloud portfolio, showcasing your skills to potential employers and giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Learn How to Build AI-Powered Apps

Skillmix provides a solid foundation to understand and apply AI principles in real-world applications, enabling you to build and optimize intelligent apps for various industry use-cases.

Topics covered

Large number of technologies covered

Learn a wide range of technologies by completing our projects.

AWS Lambda
API Gateway
Web Apps
And more...


Pricing plans for everyone.

Choose an affordable plan that fits your learning and career goals.


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  • Some Cloud projects
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We have lots of happy students. Here are some kind words by them.

    • This Terraform course is very thorough. It covers all the major exam topics, and the hands-on practice labs help you really master the tool.

    • The Terraform course on Skillmix is really good. The hands-on practice with AWS accounts helped me learn concepts faster. Thumbs up!

    • I took the Skillmix Terraform course because I wanted to pass the certification. It really helped me prepare for the exam. Highly recommended.


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