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Intro to Terraform


Terraform is one of the most used Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tools on the market. There are a lot of things that make this a great tool to learn.

In this post we will discuss what it is, how it's used, and compare it to some other types of tools.

Terraform Associate Certification Guide & Notes


Cloud engineering teams are increasingly using infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tools to deploy, operate, and update their cloud infrastructure. HashiCorp’s Terraform is one of the most widely used IaC tools on the market today. HashiCorp offers the Terraform Associate certificate to cloud professionals looking to show their proficiency with this awesome tool. 

Terraform Debugging & CLI Config


In the post, you will learn how to debug Terraform and configure Terraform CLI.

When troubleshooting any problems in a Terraform configuration, logging and debugging are helpful toolsets. When a failure occurs, specifics about the type of failure, what caused it, and the time of the error are useful pieces …

Terraform Cloud Intro & Lab


In this lesson, you will learn about Terraform Cloud and how to use it.

As a widely used infrastructure as code tool, Terraform provides various capabilities and features that help to streamline the provisioning and management of infrastructure. Technical and collaborative challenges differ when using Terraform in personal projects, small …

Terraform Provisioners


As you already know, Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool that allows us to programmatically create resources for running software. Apart from creating, modifying, and destroying these infrastructures, Terraform does not, traditionally, interfere in what goes on in the infrastructure.

Oftentimes, after creating an infrastructure, you will want to …

Terraform Remote Modules


In this lesson, you will learn about Terraform’s remote modules.

As you have learned in the Modules lesson of this course, Terraform modules provide us with the flexibility of splitting up our configuration file into small, manageable chunks. It also gives us the ability to reuse a Terraform configuration without …

Working with Terraform Workspaces


As you have learned in previous lessons, Terraform manages infrastructures using states and state files. By default, you always have just one state file that binds the configurations in your Terraform project with the infrastructure it defines.

When working in an environment with infrastructures that serve users in real-time, there …

Jenkins & Terraform


Here is a lesson and lab about how to setup Jenkins pipelines with Terraform. This is a draft and most likely needs some work. Proceed with caution!

Introduction to CI/CD

In the present context, CI/CD practices are the most widely accepted choice to shorten software development and delivery cycle …

How I Passed the Terraform Certification Exam


I recently passed the Terraform Associate exam and wanted to share how I prepared for it. I ended up passing with a 94% grade, so I think this approach worked pretty well.

I’m going to add the timeline to this post so you can see how much time it took. …

Three Tier Architecture with Terraform


Note: I’m posting this as a blog post as there has been interest in learning how to deploy this style architecture. If you find yourself not understanding some parts of it, I recommend taking the full course on this site.

It’s time to learn how to build the Three Tier …