Build an OpenAI API That Uses Function Calling

Build an OpenAI API That Uses Function Calling


Welcome to the "Build an OpenAI API That Uses Function Calling" lab. In this lab, we will explore how to create an OpenAI API using function calling techniques. We will be using AWS as our cloud provider and Terraform as our tooling to provision the necessary resources. No programming language is required for this lab, as we will be focusing on the configuration and setup of the infrastructure.

OpenAI is a powerful platform that provides access to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence models. By building an API that utilizes function calling, we can leverage the capabilities of OpenAI to perform various tasks such as natural language processing, text generation, and more. Through this lab, you will gain hands-on experience in setting up the infrastructure required to create and deploy an OpenAI API using AWS and Terraform.


60 min.



  • Cloud Provider: AWS
  • Language(s): Python, HCL
  • Tooling: Terraform
  • AI Platform: OpenAI
  • AI Model: GPT-4
  • Category: ai

This project is available with a paid Skillmix subscription.