Application Load Balancer with AWS Lambda as Target

Lab Introduction

Application Load Balancer with AWS Lambda as Target

Welcome to the Application Load Balancer with AWS Lambda as Target lab! In this lab, we will explore how to use AWS Lambda as a target for an Application Load Balancer (ALB) using Terraform. ALB is a highly scalable and fault-tolerant load balancer provided by AWS, while AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that allows you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. By combining these two powerful services, you can achieve efficient and dynamic load balancing for your applications.

In this lab, we will use Terraform, an infrastructure as code tool, to provision and configure the necessary resources in AWS. Terraform allows you to define your infrastructure in a declarative language called HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language), making it easy to manage and version control your infrastructure code. By the end of this lab, you will have a hands-on understanding of how to set up an ALB with AWS Lambda as a target, enabling you to distribute incoming traffic across multiple Lambda functions and achieve high availability and scalability for your applications.


60 min.



  • Cloud Provider: AWS
  • Language(s): HCL
  • Tooling: Terraform
  • Category: serverless

This project is available with a paid Skillmix subscription.