Lambda to Step Functions via Modules

Lab Introduction

Welcome to the "Lambda to Step Functions via Modules" lab, powered by AWS and implemented using Terraform and HCL. In this lab, you will learn how to integrate AWS Lambda functions with Step Functions using modular infrastructure as code. Step Functions is a serverless workflow service that allows you to coordinate multiple AWS services into a serverless workflow. Lambda functions, on the other hand, are event-driven compute services that allow you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. By combining these two powerful services, you can create complex and scalable workflows to automate your business processes.

Throughout this lab, you will gain hands-on experience in using Terraform, an open-source infrastructure as code tool, to provision and manage the necessary AWS resources. You will write HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language) code to define the infrastructure and configure the Lambda functions and Step Functions. By the end of this lab, you will have a solid understanding of how to use Terraform and HCL to create and manage Lambda functions and Step Functions, and how to integrate them to build robust and scalable workflows in the AWS cloud.


60 min.



  • Cloud Provider: AWS
  • Language(s): HCL
  • Tooling: Terraform
  • Category: serverless

This project is available with a paid Skillmix subscription.